Sonali Phogat’s Family Still Believes Rhea Chakraborty Gave Sushant Singh Rajput Drugs & He Was Killed, Don’t Want Their Daughter’s Case Go In Same Way

There has been much discussion and writing about the death of Sonali Phogat. Sonali, who shot to fame thanks to her viral TikTok videos, was a BJP leader and has since appeared on Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 14.

Earlier reports said Sonali Phogat died on August 23 of a heart attack. Her death took place in Goa.However, the Goa police quickly filed a case regarding her death.

At this time, two of her alleged helpers have been arrested, and it is thought that she was drugged and killed.

In the most recent development, members of Sonali Phogat’s family have compared her suicide to that of Sushant Singh Rajput.

During the month of June of the year 2020, the actor took his own life. Still, even his loved ones suspected foul play and concluded that it was not a suicide.

A former Big Brother contestant’s relatives recently stated in an interview that they intend to fight any SSR involvement in their daughter’s death. Rhea Chakraborty, he claimed, was the one who supplied him with drugs.

According to a statement made by Kuldeep Phogat, a member of Sonali Phogat’s family, which was quoted in India Today, “We do not want this case to go as it did for Sushant Singh Rajpur’s death.

” The family continues to be under the impression that he was murdered. Rhea Chakraborty is free despite the fact that she supplied him with drugs.

The proceedings in this case are not yet over. The use or possession of illegal drugs is not relevant to this investigation in any way. But about murder. “

A relative of Sonali’s went on to demand an investigation by the CBI as well as a drug test. “We demand that those responsible for Sonali’s death be put to death by hanging.

“In the event that the evidence does not point to the possibility that she was murdered, we will ask for an investigation by the CBI, and we will also demand a drug test,” he continued by saying.

On the other hand, Sonali Phogat’s brother, Rinku Dhaka, has stated that the two suspects committed the murder of the BJP leader with the intention of seizing her properties and financial assets.

Rinku Dhaka is one of the accused. During a recent interview, Sonali’s younger brother, Vatan Dhaka, told them what makes them suspicious about her death.

In an interview with a prominent entertainment website, he revealed that on the morning of August 23, he received a call from her personal assistant informing him that Sonali had passed away due to heart failure.

He claimed that he had been asleep because he wasn’t feeling well. A few hours later, he called her associates again to verify what had been said as well as to find out what had transpired and where they were.

The inconsistencies in their statement and the time of death led him to suspect that foul play was involved in the death of their loved one. He found out much later that she had first been drugged and then murdered.

The brother went on to say that they were aware that Sudhir was travelling with her and that they had learned about Sukhwinder much further down the line.

After that, he disclosed that their younger brother Rinku is currently in Goa, and that they are getting all the updates from him.

Getting back to the original question, what are your thoughts on the Sonali Phogat family comparing it to the death case of SSR? Please keep us updated.

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