Selvaraghavan’s Intriguing First Look From Mohan G. Kshatriyan’s ‘Bakasuran’ Out!

“Bakasuran,” which is directed by Mohan G. Kshatriyan and stars Selvaraghavan and Natraja Subramani, is a highly anticipated action thriller.On Saturday, the film’s production team released the film’s first official image.

Actor Selvaraghavan appears in the first look poster dressed as an ascetic, while others bow down to him.

Using Twitter, Selvaraghavan announced, “‘Bakasuran’ first look! I’m crossing my fingers that you enjoy it.

Kshatriyan tweeted the first look poster with the following message: “Pagai mudikka varugiran Bakasuran.” This translates to “Bakasuran is on his way to finish off his enemies.”

In addition to that, he disclosed that a preview of the movie would be made available on Sunday.

Subramani, a well-known cinematographer and actor who stars in the film with Selvaraghavan and plays the other key role in the story, recently said that he was done filming his parts.

Subramani, also known as Natty, had mentioned a couple of days before finishing his portions that he was astounded to see the performance of Selvaraghavan as an actor in the film. Natty had said that he was stunned to see Selvaraghavan’s performance.

“Self-evidently, Selvaraghavan is an exceptionally talented director; there is no denying that. His talent as an actor is absolutely astounding to me.

How many different facets of him has Mohan G, as a director, managed to bring out? Nothing else comes to mind besides admiration when I think of him.

Several sources say that the movie, whose scenes were shot by Farook and Basha and whose music was written by Sam C.S., will probably be in theatres very soon.

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