How being Shekhar Radha Krishna would change SRK’s life “Never Made Aware of My Religion…”

Shah Rukh Khan, known as the “Badshah” of Bollywood, has been delighting audiences for over three decades. SRK has an “army” of fans all over the world because of his success in the TV industry and now the film industry as well.

We’re not just proud to call him an Indian because of his acting skills; we’re proud to call him an Indian because of the kind of person he is.

Shah Rukh always says what he’s thinking, and he also makes a point of talking a lot about how much he loves India. In one video, he gave an especially rousing answer to a reporter who asked him how he felt about his name being found again.

In reference to the older video, it was in the course of an interview at the India Today Conclave in the year 2009 that the question was posed to Shah Rukh Khan regarding his reaction to having his name changed to Shekhar Radha Krishna and whether or not his current life would be affected in any way by the alteration.

In response to this, Shah Rukh responded by stating that it would not have any bearing on the outcome. The actor asserted that throughout the entirety of his career in India, there has never been a single instance in which he has been made aware of his religion, and that even if they called him by any name, he would still smell like sugar. He added that even if they called him by any name, he would still smell sweet.

Shah Rukh Khan provided a more in-depth explanation, during which he stated, “I don’t think there would be any difference” (if he had a different name).

The fact that I practise my religion in this great nation has never been brought to my attention, regardless of the context in which it was presented. When I hear something like this, it always strikes me as very odd.

I believe that artists have a propensity to cross boundaries in their work. It is my opinion that art and artists have this propensity because you don’t really consider who is from what community or from what sect; rather, you simply like it/them or you don’t like it/them. No matter what you choose to call me, I’ll continue to have a pleasant aroma.

Along with this, Shah Rukh Khan was asked if the film industry played any role in religion, to which the actor for Chennai Express responded, “I think spirituality is a private thing.”

It is necessary for it to originate from within. Acting, for me, is a spiritual practise. If we can do it through the medium of film, that will be an amazing accomplishment.

But if I communicate it to you through movies, my spirituality might not resonate with you. It will no longer be applicable to everyone. However, it is an interesting idea. The only problem is that the movie won’t do well at the box office.

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