‘Home Alone’ Actor Devin Ratray Accused Of R*ping A Women In New York Amidst Domestic Violence Charges

New York police are looking into reports that Devin Ratray, who played Kevin’s older brother Buzz in the “Home Alone” films, r*ped a woman.

Mirror.co.uk said that in 2017, the actor who played Macaulay Culkin’s mean older brother in the 1990 movie attacked Smith in his Manhattan apartment and may have put something in his drink.

Devin Ratray is accused of domestic violence for an incident that has nothing to do with this case, which he also denies.

Smith contacted the prosecutor’s office about a report she had filed accusing the actor of rape because she heard that he had been arrested in connection with that case. She was curious as to the reason why it was not pursued.

Smith said that the police made a mistake when they thought she didn’t want to be found out and didn’t want to press charges.

She stated in her interview with CNN and the prosecutors that she and Ratray had been friends for the previous 15 years prior to the alleged incident.

They all went to the actor’s apartment after having drinks with her brother and a friend of theirs first. According to mirror.co.uk, after he poured drinks and appeared intent on giving her a specific glass, she became exhausted and was encouraged to sleep over at his place.

She stated, “I remember waking up, and I was unable to move at all.” I was unable to fully open my eyes, but I was able to hear and feel what was going on around me. I was aware that the other two had left, but I was still sitting on the couch.

She stated that Devin Ratray sexually assaulted her for what felt like “an eternity” before leaving her on the sofa after he had finished with her.

Smith claimed that she confronted the actor via text the following day, but he refuted her claims and stated that he was unable to have s*x because he was impotent. Smith said that the actor denied her claims.

She described herself as “devastated” by the fact that the police did not investigate her initial allegation in its entirety. Smith says she has emails that show the investigation is over, even though she had offered to help the prosecution.

The office of the Manhattan district attorney confirmed that they “are in touch” with Smith, but they declined to comment further on the case.

Devin Ratray, who has not been charged in connection with the allegations, stated that he recalled his evening with Smith but denied having r*ped with her. However, he did admit that he had been drinking. He stated that there was no s*x between the two of us.

Devin Ratray has entered a not guilty plea to the domestic violence charges that are unrelated to one another, and a hearing has been scheduled for the month of October.

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