Disney Imagineers Give First Look at New Epcot Moana Attraction

Something is afoot at Epcot, and it involves everyone’s favourite princess! Disney’s Imagineers released a first look at Journey of Water, inspired by Moana, earlier this week.

The new walk-through attraction features Moana and her friends as carved appearances in the rocks and waterways, taking visitors on a fantastical journey through the cycle of water on Earth.

Reid Ekman, who is the Lead Concept Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering, talks about what inspired the project.

The Imagineers also gave us a sneak peek at how the future landscape is being constructed. Image below shows Jim Towler carving Moana out of foam.

When it comes time to actually build the attraction, this will serve as a template for the team to follow. Ekman gives a short summary of the steps that went into making something so fascinating and magical.

The team also demonstrated a mock-up of the entrance to the attraction, which will be distinguished by the inclusion of Moana’s recognisable spiral as its focal point.

Fans will easily recognise the design and will have no trouble finding their way around.Finding that sweet spot between the fantastic and the real can be challenging!

Moana has always had a strong connection to the ocean, even when she was just a wee thing. The fearless young princess left her home on the island to investigate the disappearance of the fish and discover the cause of the problem.

Moana was able to form an alliance with the demigod Maui and save her people by using the ocean itself as a guide. This allowed her to bring the world back into equilibrium.

The movie made its debut in 2016, and ever since then, it has quickly established itself as a fan favourite among many thanks to its gorgeous animation, catchy songs, and brave princess protagonist.

It seems like the ideal job for Moana would be to design some sort of attraction revolving around the water cycle. After all, she does not simply possess the power of water; rather, she is practically inseparable from it! Even though the alternative has fewer fireworks and moving characters, it seems like a more peaceful and relaxing way to pass the time while you’re waiting for the next ride to start so that you can recharge your batteries.

Fans can appreciate the beauty of water while also getting a sense of being even more intimately connected to the princess herself.

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