Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa Feels A Deep Connection To His Role In The Film, “It’s Got My Heart In It”

Jason Momoa has thanked Tom Cruise, who played Maverick in “Top Gun: Maverick,” for helping to get people back to the movies after the pandemic put them off for a while.

Momoa would like to continue playing Aquaman for as long as the role is popular. The 43-year-old actor, who returns as Aquaman in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” says he’s happy to keep playing the DCEU superhero for as long as fans want him to.

“For as long as we still can. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter how much longer he will play Aquaman, Jason Momoa reportedly responded, “If people don’t like it and it feels like it’s past its due date, then we won’t make another one.”

But if they really enjoy it, you know that we will definitely make more of it. It is not my intention to shove anything down anyone’s throat in order for them to view it. But I really enjoy it. “

The actor has said that he feels very strongly about the role he will play in the new movie, which won’t come out until December 2023 because of problems with the production.

The actor Jason Momoa is quoted as saying, “We wrote a great story.” I was one of the writers on it, and as soon as we finished (‘Aquaman,’) I went in with a fifty-page outline for the second one, and they used it, and they liked it. I was one of the writers on it. It contains a piece of my very being. “

“Even though I’ve played him in what, four movies at this point? I still feel a strong connection to the character. “

Jason Momoa is unconcerned about the most recent delay in the movie’s release because he is certain that fans will be satisfied with what they see, despite the delay.

He stated, “We were able to kill it.” We created something incredible, and it will be released at the exact time that it is intended to be released.

In addition, he thanked Tom Cruise and the “Top Gun: Maverick” film for bringing back people’s interest in going to the movies.

Everyone is trying to meet these deadlines, but we know that it should come out when it’s ready to come out (at a time) when everybody is getting back into the movie theatres. This is the positive aspect of what’s happened with COVID. Therefore, I would like to thank Tom Cruise.

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